Foshan Shunde SaiYu Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde Dist, Foshan city, where known as the hometown of woodworking machinery in China. The company was originally established as foshan shunde leliu Huake Long Precision Machinery Factory in 2013.  After ten years of technological accumulation and experience, the company has continuously developed and grown.  It has established the “Saiyu Technology” brand.


Guangzhou CBD Building Materials Exhibition

Guangzhou CBD Building Materials Exhibition

The Guangzhou CBD Building Materials Expo is a building materials exhibition held in Guangzhou, China. As a major economic center in China, Guangzhou has a large construction market, which has attracted numerous domestic and international building material suppliers, man...

SAUDI WOODSHOW 2024 Saudi Arabia International Woodworking Show,Welcome To Our Booth!
With the rapid development of the customized home furnishing industry, green, smart, and digitalization have become key directions for industry transformation. From May 12 to 14, 2024, syutech will appear at the 2024 Saudi International Woodworking Show SAUDI WOODSHOW. H...
The event was full of enthusiasm and ended successfully | CIFF Guangzhou Exhibition Saiyu Technology shines
The 53rd China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Expo has come to a perfect conclusion. Saiyu Technology has made a stunning appearance with outstanding manufacturing and automation technology, attracting the attention and praise of many visitors. Sincerely thankyou fo...


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